My name is Olga or Olya. And you may find me as @BuskaMuza on Twitter or as olgakopylova on LinkedIn.

I’m a PHP developer for 10+ years.
I started from my own small project just to learn PHP and got a feeling of doing something useful.
Then I moved to a small team of 1-4 developers, where were could do whatever we want and need: PHP/CSS/HTML/JS, server maintenance and configuration. It was good time of freedom.
Then I moved to a big Magento team, which in its turn consists of many small teams. Here I learned a lot and grew a lot. And thanks to all great people I work with, I’m still growing.

Now in my free time I like to create games together with my husband. I learn Java to develop for Android platform. I also learn C# to develop games in Unity.

In this blog I want to post different technical thoughts.
They may be related to my current job or may be about general practices in development world.
The posts may describe something new that I’m thinking about or am working on right now, or they can be refreshment posts just to remind about good or bad practices, like patterns or anti-patterns.
Anyway, all posted here is just my opinion and should not be considered as an official position of a company I work for. But it can be a good place for leaving feedback!