Testing of Android Applications on Real Devices


Sometimes during development of an Android application, we’d like to test the application on different real devices. But buying 10 different devices just for testing sounds crazy.

In my case, I was developing an Android game with quite specific layout and so I expected that on some devices the game may look wrong. After some modifications in the code, I’d like to test it on devices with different screen sizes and ratios to ensure that it looks well. But because there are so many Android devices and so many vendors with so many standards (would it be a standard though?), there are as many variations of screen sizes and ratios.

Then I found Test Lab -- a service from Samsung that allows to test Android apps on 10+ real devices remotely.

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Naming Conventions for CLI Commands in Magento 2

Magento 2 introduces a new command line tool that allows extension developers to plug in commands provided by modules. See the Magento CLI post from Eugene Tulika to know more about the tool.
Magento CLI is available since 0.74.0-beta4

As an extension developer, you can now create and distribute your own commands for Magento applications. But as for any implementation, it’s also important to follow some general conventions to keep your commands consistent with commands from other developers. Being consistent in this way reduces the user’s learning curve.

In this post I’d like to describe conventions we’ve just introduced together with bringing to life the new Magento CLI. The final document will be posted on Magento’s official documentation web-site devdocs.magento.com. Until then, you can leave your feedback and start a discussion here.

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